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Leadership Coaching

If you are currently in a leadership role or aspire to deepen your leadership capabilities, this program is a great option! 

Leadership is a journey  One-on-One coaching will help you take control of your career goals

DISCover Your Natural and Adapted Behavorial Style

Leadership Coaching is a comprehensive three month program and can be extended based on your personal goals and Action Plan.

After a preliminary consultationgoal identification, and personal reflection exercise, we meet to select the most impactful suite of assessments for your specific goals. 

 Leadership Coaching has a minimum commitment of three months and can be extended based on your personal goals and Action Plan.​

Included in the program:

Monthly, in-person or virtual meetings, email check-ins, and weekly calls. 

Suite of assessments and debriefs, based on your growth action plan.

Assessment choices include: DISC, Driving Forces, Competency Assessment, Stress Quotient, Emotional Intelligence,  and 360’s.

In-depth- personal discovery, one-on-one sessions, support, and accountability. 

Driving Forces - provides insight into the "why," gain and understanding of what moves you to action. 

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