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Career Coaching

Includes a number assessments based on your goals. We create a custom development roadmap, as you explore career and professional growth options. 

DISCover Your Natural and Adapted Behavorial Style

Based on four different behavioral styles, provides insight into how you approach:

  • Problems and challenges

  • Influence others to your point of view

  • The pace of the environment

  • Process and procedures set by others

The Process - includes a discovery conversation, reflective exercises, goal-setting, multiple debriefs, check-ins and action steps. During the engagement, you will complete a four-step process to uncover, develop, and build your leadership style.  While identifying and working towards your goals. 

The program is typically a three-month engagement that is customized based on your personal goals and Action Plan.

In-depth- personal discovery, one-on-one sessions, support, and accountability. 

Add Driving Forces - gain insight into what motivates & moves you to action.

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