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Random Musings While in Career Transition

Recently I have found myself in a career transition. This transition has brought with it a range of emotions including fear, excitement, and sadness. I am reminded of the importance of resilience and that I am not my career, my occupation is a part of my self-expression, not who I am in totality.

My purpose for sharing this post is that it might provide a word of encouragement or a useful strategy to help you or someone you know get through another day. If this sounds like an overstatement, I assure you for many who are experiencing a career transition, it is not.

  1. Create and stick to a schedule. The tendency is to either become completely obsessed with job-hunting or to lose motivation and do nothing. Create a schedule that includes a start and stop time and dedicates blocks of time to specific tasks. While employed I was generally always connected, but during this time of transition, I find it healthy to walk away from online communication after a specific time-frame.

  2. Seek and accept support. Work with local resources to assist with resume review and writing. It may be painful, but having a professional review and edit your resume, could mean the difference between getting an interview or being passed over. Attend job-hunting networking groups. Look for the latest best practices for getting the most out of LinkedIn and other job boards. Find a recruiter in your industry or area of expertise. Reach out to friends and peers. If you find yourself sinking into depression, find a counselor, if you can’t afford one, reach out to local social services.

  3. Spend time on personal and professional growth & development. Dedicate time to updating, retooling, or learning new skills. Visit your local library and check-out the latest business books (or the ones you haven’t had time to read). Identify organizations within your industry or area of expertise and attend local meetings or online webinars. Personally, I love and try to complete one-hour of learning each day. As a learning professional, this is a perk (one of the positives – see below) of having extra time.

  4. Focus on the positive. That may sound trite or ridiculous when bills, or the unknown are staring you down, but choosing to be grateful and focusing on the positive, goes a long way in maintaining a healthy attitude. Commit to exercising, eating healthy, and mediation or prayer. Mind, body, spirit.

  5. Find community. Find a local organization where you can volunteer. Focusing on others, sharing your skills & knowledge, and giving back within your community are great ways to connect to the sense of purpose that may have been primarily focused on a job title, job description or organization we were attached to. We are social beings find your tribe.

I look forward to reading your comments, suggestions, or experience.


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