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Five-minute Strategies: Young Professionals & Leadership Coaching, The Value of Investing in You

Have you ever thought about hiring a leadership coach but thought it was only for senior executives? Have you ever wondered if there’s value in having a coach early in your career? Do you want to take charge of your career and enhance critical skills so you’re primed for the next opportunity?

If so… take these steps to see if engaging a coach is right for you:

  1. Define success - Everyone has his/her own vision of success–it could be holding a strategic leadership position, being considered an expert in your field, balancing a career and family, or being involved in a social cause. Whatever your definition of success, it won’t just happen, it takes time, intentionality and planning. What does success look like for you?

  2. Plan – Once you have a clear picture of success, think through the steps needed to achieve your goals. Revisit and modify these goals after a couple of days. Then write down your goals: where do you want to be in three months, six months, and a year?

  3. Act – What skills do you need to master? Give yourself “micro-steps,” small successes that you can celebrate along the way. Set target dates to re-evaluate your progress. What one or two actions can you take every day?

  4. Engage – Talk to people that you respect and admire, ask them to share their stories and insights. Look for experts on your social media channels and identify the range of people to follow and engage with online. Who do you need on your team to help you along the way?

  5. Evaluate – Are you making the progress you expected? Are you holding yourself accountable? Would you benefit from having someone who can provide positive feedback, objective insight and accountability, and who is dedicated to your goals?


Once you complete this exercise, reach out to me so we can explore the possibilities for your growth.

The Leadership Distillery is launching a new three-month Virtual Coaching Masterclass dedicated to young professionals, for program details email

Affordable, Accessible, Impactful. Sign-up today!


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