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If you are currently in a leadership role or aspire to deepen your leadership capabilities, this program is a great option! 

Cultivating a diverse network is critical on your Leadership journey this Masterclass provides the opportunity to build a boundary-free peer support group.

DISCover Your Natural and Adapted Behavorial Style

Masterclass Virtual Coaching is a comprehensive three-month program that includes group work, individual accountability & actions. 

Program details:

  • We meet as a group twice per month online for a one-hour coaching session

    • Sessions are on Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 pm (ET)

    • The program is 3 months in length

    • Each class is limited to 5 participants

  • You receive:

    • A one-hour one-on-one coaching call each month (3 total)

    •  A personalized report & Action Plan 

  • Investment is $350 

Program assessments  include: DISC, and Driving Forces.

In-depth- personal discovery, one-on-one sessions, support, and accountability. 

Driving Forces - provides insight into the "why," gain and understanding of what moves you to action. 

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