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Team-Building Programs

Using a DISC assessment for each team-member, we will provide insight into the strengths, gaps, and behavioral preferences of your team. All workshops are fully-customized, interactive, and immediately applicable on the job. 

The first step is a Needs Analysis to determine the most crucial outcomes of the workshop.


This interactive and engaging Workshop increases individual and team awareness, reduces potential conflict, and improves overall communication.


DISCover Natural and Adapted Behavorial Styles

Based on four different behavioral styles, provides insight into how you approach:

  • Problems and challenges

  • Influence others to your point of view

  • The pace of the environment

  • Process and procedures set by others

Core Workshop is two hours and can be lengthened based on organizational need and preference. Each Module is one hour and includes: individual reports, group graph, and personal action plan workbooks. 


Workshop Objectives

•Identify your preferred behavioral style

•Discuss the four behavioral styles

•Recognize how different behavioral style interact

•Develop a custom action plan to apply concepts

Optional workshop extenders include:  half and full day workshops, a post-session communication campaign, and follow-up Webinar(s).

Group Wheel - illustrates the primary behavioral style of each team member, visually demonstrating similarities & differences. 

Add Driving Forces - gain insight into what motivates & moves you to action. 

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